Pure Shape Infographic Pack #6 includes 16 templates made from circles in futuristic and clean style on dark background and 98 icons pack in modern colorful style. Set contains infographic templates, circles, cycles, timelines, process templates, chart, and another shapes. Enjoy this stunning and stylish graphics. Vector. Can be used for web design, timelines, brochures, presentations and workflow layout.


-۱۶ EPS10 files

-۱۶ AI files with “Live text” for easy editing

-۱۶ JPG images 300dpi

-۱۶ EPS CS files with editable text

-۱۶ PSD layered files (PSD files was Generated in Illustrator CC, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use Adobe Illustrator)


-Details in help file


-Well organized

-Fully layered

-Easy to edit and customize

-۱۰۰% Vector (in AI and EPS files)

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